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I support Liberty because it champions human rights for everybody and is well known as being the one and only organisation that is prepared to do that for people within the UK. I would not have won the case, I could not have brought the case either, I just didn’t have the legal knowledge to be able to bring such a complicated case without relying entirely on the legal advice from Liberty’s team, and that work was given freely, and I am, and continue to be extremely grateful.

Jenny Paton, Liberty client and supporter

I support Liberty because they fight for everyone, they fight for changes in the law and basically it keeps Governments in check.

Janis Sharp, Liberty member and mother of Gary McKinnon

I have seen first-hand the civilising effect of the Human Rights Act and the force for good that it can be, both in the armed forces and in wider society as a whole, and so I’m very happy to support Liberty in all the work it does, which I believe is not only about human decency but also ensuring we have a fairer and juster society.


Reverend Nicholas Mercer, Liberty member

I support Liberty because without them, I would never have been able to take my case to the European Courts with confidence and know there was going to be some sort of outcome.

Janet Alder, Liberty client and supporter

We support Liberty, not just because they supported us when we were going through our legal fight but because the ideals you put forward are so important for everybody, and if you look at them in any detail, why wouldn’t somebody support the ideals that you’re supporting.

Richard and Gillian Rabone, Liberty supporters

I support Liberty and what they’re doing in trying to educate people about the human rights law because I just think it’s really important that people actually understand it. I think it’s given a fairly bad press sometimes and I think it’s important to raise awareness that actually, it does help normal people like them.

Diane Blood, Liberty member
While government watches you, who watches the government?