The Arrival of Enigma

Last night I dreamt we’re country neighbours
in an afternoon of heat do I hear his voice?
I’ve put my hand on writing these days so I down
my pen creeping aslant their arbour
then out I jump! They’re evermore in straight whites
and much the suavest pair I will come upon.

Still under 30 they’re home from spells in Africa and China
and as one we’re manoeuvring back and forth
from the taxi each trunk
thence the hall is established by a leather tower.

They’re beaming to learn me again
when he suns a kiss on my cheek
I smell that classic warm-bread breath
for they hug me again, they hug me again.


Daljit Nagra is a British-born award winning poet whose three collections have been published by Faber & Faber.


While government watches you, who watches the government?