Extract from Maggie & Me

Daisy Honeybunn
Damian Barr

This is a wee extract from my memoir Maggie & Me--it's the moment my Mum discovers her boyfriend has been beating my sister and me.  She finds me in bed just before Christmas, asleep on a pillow covered in blood.  She sees his bloody handprint and instantly knows everything.  Immediately, she takes me, my wee sister and our baby brother away.  I remember feeling terrified but also free.  I knew I wouldn't have to be afraid any more.


"We’re leavin," says my Mum.

It’s midnight.  A million mirrored shards of Logan litter the bedroom floor, all of them staring at us.  I hold my wee sister Teenie back in the doorway - any further and she’ll slash her feet.  Baby Billy is bawling in his cot.  “Get yer coats and shoes,” says my Mum calmly, her back to us.  She steps over Logan to get to her baby, red and silver slivers sliding and cracking under her feet.  He lies very still on the floor where he fell.  It's snowing outside.

"We're leavin."


Damian Barr, is a writer, columnist, playwright and salonnière. He has co-written two plays for BBC Radio Four and his first book was published by Hodder. 'Get It Together' made the quarterlife crisis the must-have modern malaise. He has been shortlisted for a British Press Award and written for The Times, Telegraph, Financial Times, Guardian, Independent, Evening Standard, Esquire, Harpers, Arena, GQ and Granta.

He made headlines as the world's first 'reader in residence' travelling the world reading stories aloud to hotel guests in his PJs. He is creator and host of the hugely successful Shoreditch House Literary Salon whose guests include Diana Athill, David Nicholls, John Waters, Helen Fielding, Geoff Dyer and James Frey. He also runs Reading Weekend. At home in Brighton Damian grooms his fancy chickens and tirelessly mixes cocktails in his quest for the perfect martini.

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