Kathy Lette

“Freedom”. It sounds like I’m about to market you a new brand of tampon - that’s how much we’ve come to take it for granted. But just like a tampon, freedom comes with strings attached – namely, constant vigilance over erosion of our civil liberties. Not only do we have to fight to protect our hard won rights, but there’s a lot more to fight for…like no Snoopers Charter, military justice for grieving families, fair extradition laws and equal pay for women… Forget the misogynistic media-hyped angst over the “thigh gap”. What about the pay gap? British women are still only getting 75 pence in the pound, and also suffering concussion from hitting our heads on the glass ceiling. Plus we’re expected to clean it whilst up there… In other words, any woman who calls herself a ‘post feminist’ has kept her wonder bra and burnt her brains. LIBERTY straps on its bullet proof bra and take to the barricades on our behalf to “champion the liberties of the people in the fight that is never done” as EM Forster so aptly said…. Oh, and while we are talking about tampons, an end to VAT on indispensable feminine hygiene products would be quite welcome too. Shami, can we please agitate for that too?


Kathy Lette has written 13 bestselling novels including “Puberty Blues”, which was made into a major film and a TV mini-series, “Mad Cows” (the film starred Joanna Lumley), “How to Kill Your Husband” (recently staged by the Victorian Opera) and “To Love, Honour and Betray” (soon to be a BBC series). Her latest, “The Boy Who Fell To Earth”, is a romantic comedy about a single mother bringing up a child with autism. Her novels have been published in seventeen languages.

While government watches you, who watches the government?