Niall Griffiths

Remember this: that Winston Smith used a pen and paper. He knew the blinking cursor was a prying eye. 
Remember that the complete destruction of your privacy is less important
than safeguarding you from the miniscule threat to your continued existence,
as long as, of course, you don’t cross the road,
don’t drink, don’t smoke,
stay away from fatty foods and never, under any circumstances,
use recreational drugs. You are a simple machine
to earn and pay taxes and die,
leaving no ripples and causing no fuss. You are an atom in the 
Aspiration Nation. Always remember that, as you remember
that Winston
used a pen and paper. 


Niall Griffiths is an English author of novels and short stories, set predominantly in Wales. His best known works include his first two novels ‘Grits’ and ‘Sheepshagger’, and his 2003 publication ‘Stump’ which won the Wales Book of the Year award.


While government watches you, who watches the government?