Liberty is human rights, with a small h and a small r, running alongside the capitals. 
It is thought that changes as much as the law that enforces. 
It is kindness that understands as well as the system that insists. 
It is gentle understanding and legal frameworks to hold that understanding to account. 
It is softly spoken and a hand, held, in the night.
It is a strong light into the darkest corner. 
It is speaking out when silence is easier.
It is politically broad and also acutely aware of specifics. 
It is carrot and stick.
It reminds me that I did nothing to be born here, and now. That I am privileged with the great gift of freedom, and it is my duty to use that gift well. 
Liberty is human, and it is right. 


Stella Duffy has written thirteen novels, over fifty short stories and ten plays. She is also a theatre director and is currently leading the Fun Palaces, a project of UK-wide public engagement with arts and sciences to celebrate the centenary of Joan Littlewood, 4th & 5th October 2014.

While government watches you, who watches the government?